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Kenwood Manor Apartments Sioux FallsQ: Will Kenwood Manor offer or allow shorter lease periods?
A: Standard leases are 6 months on Efficiencies, and 12 months on all others. We do not do short-term rentals.

Q: How strict is the Non-Smoking Policy? and, Is it permitted for a person to smoke outside on the grounds, as long as they don't smoke inside?
A: Our policy requires that a person MUST be a Non-Smoker and have been a Non-Smoker for at least 12 months prior to signing a lease here at Kenwood. Under No circumstances do we rent to anyone who smokes.

Q: Are pets of any kind allowed?
A: No, our policy states that no pets are allowed on the grounds, or in the buildings.

Q: Does Kenwood Manor accept any form of public assistance housing?
A: Our policy is that we do not.

Kenwood Manor Apartments
2428 W. Kenwood Manor, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605)336-1048
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